The University of Arizona - Photography by Sarah Raskoff

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cologne's Center for Contemporary Epistemology and the Kantian Tradition and an FWF Research Fellow at the University of Graz. I am also a PI for the APA Grant Chapter Seed Grants for the MAP Mentoring Program.

Before that, I was a Dean's Postdoctoral Fellow at Florida State University and the Mellon Course Design Coordinator for the Philosophy as a Way of Life Project at the University of Notre Dame. I received my PhD in philosophy from the University of Arizona, and while dissertating, I also spent time as a visiting researcher at Brown, Notre Dame, and Rutgers. For more information, please contact me at


  1. Being Rational Enough | Australasian Journal of Philosophy (Forthcoming) (Draft)

  2. Grounding, Understanding, and Explanation | Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (Forthcoming) (Draft)

  3. Epistemic Democracy and the Truth Connection | Public Reason (Forthcoming) (Draft)

  4. Seeking to Understand | Teaching Philosophy, with Zac Odermatt (Forthcoming) (Draft)

  5. Does Being Rational Require Being Ideally Rational? | Philosophical Topics (Forthcoming) (Draft)

  6. Grounding and the Epistemic Regress Problem | Erkenntnis (Forthcoming) (Open Access)

  7. Rational Supererogation and Epistemic Permissivism | Philosophical Studies (2022) 179:571–591 . (Draft)

  8. Thomas Reid, the Internalist | Journal of Modern Philosophy (2022) 4.1: p. 10. (Open Access)

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  12. Grounding and A Priori Epistemology | Synthese (2021) 199: pp. 11445–11463. (Draft)

  13. Belief, Rational and Justified | Mind (2021) 130: pp. 59-83. (Draft)

  14. No Work for a Theory of Epistemic Dispositions | Synthese (2021) 198.4: pp. 3477-3498. (Draft)

  15. Stoic Virtue: A Contemporary Interpretation | Philosophers' Imprint (2020) 20: pp. 1-20. (Open Access)

  16. The Demandingness of Virtue | The Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy (2020) 18: pp. 1-22. (Draft)

  17. Incoherent but Reasonable: A Defense of Truth-Abstinence in Political Liberalism | Social Theory and Practice, with Alex Schaefer (2020) 46: pp. 573–603. (Draft)

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